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Discover what authors have to say about their experience with the Elite Choice Awards.

Author Testimonials

The Elite Choice Awards program is like no other awards I’ve entered my book into. They provided me with invaluable feedback on overall story, character development, originality & creativity, and commercial appeal. Being able to read their feedback/review helped give me ideas on what I need to work on to grow as a writer. I’m honored to have been selected as a winner for an Elite Choice Award and I can’t thank the program enough.

Celia Bonaduce

Author of Tiny House On The Hill

I love the feedback, it’s brilliant. I will share with my co-author and we will celebrate this weekend:-)

Elisabet Hearn

Author of The Leader's Guide to Impact

Thank you very much. It was a lovely surprise and the review is outstanding. I’m thoroughly impressed 🙂

Ellie Douglas

Author of The Trapper

Oh my gosh, I am on cloud 9 today.. thank you so much. I am very happy with the feedback as well, please thank the Judge for me.

Brenda Turner

Author of Bullying: What are we really scared of?

It was such a pleasure entering and getting feedback from Elite Choice Awards. The process was easy and the I was happy with the choice of categories they have. This is great resource for authors.

Kevin Brougher

Author of Reindolphins

Thank you so much for this fabulous news! I am extremely excited to receive the review from the judges.

Lali A. Love

Author of The Decoding of Jo

This is wonderful news and such great comments from the judges! Your judging process is so transparent and helpful. The best yet.

Robert Barry

Author of The Truth

You made my day, truly. This is great news. 😊 I especially appreciate the judging sheet breakdown.

Marlene M. Bell

Author of Spent Identity