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The Elite Choice Awards program is like no other awards I’ve entered my book into. They provided me with invaluable feedback on overall story, character development, etc. I’m honored to have been selected as a winner…and I can’t thank the program enough.

Celia Bonaduce

Author of Tiny House On The Hill

It was such a pleasure entering and getting feedback from Elite Choice Awards. The process was easy and the I was happy with the choice of categories they have.

This is great resource for authors.

Kevin Brougher

Author of Reindolphins

Elite Choice Awards Book Award Program

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A Book Award That Supports You

The Elite Choice Awards is a book award competition committed to honoring excellence in publishing worldwide. The awards bring increased recognition to thousands of books published every year.

Winning an Elite Choice Award is like adding a seal of approval to your book. It tells readers and media professionals that you have a high quality book worth reading!

This is wonderful news and such great comments from the judges! Your judging process is so transparent and helpful. The best yet.

Robert Barry

Author of The Truth

Thank you very much. It was a lovely surprise and the review is outstanding. I’m thoroughly impressed 🙂

Ellie Douglas

Author of The Trapper

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An endorsement from the Elite Choice Awards can help you generate positive exposure for your book.

Our Honorees have been featured in national media outlets including ABC, Fox, NBC, and many other major news outlets and publications.

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Around the world, readers, publishers, retailers and members of the media look to the Elite Choice Awards as a seal of approval when selecting what to read next. Our prizes are designed to equip authors and publishers with the tools they need to remain competitive in the ever changing landscape of book marketing.

Instant Credibility

An endorsement from the Elite Choice Awards can help you generate positive exposure for your book.

Editorial review

All entrants receive reviewer feedback, once award results are tabulated.

Tailored Promotion

Winners receive a unique listing on our website and an announcement in our email newsletter.

Marketing Support

Winners receive a high quality digital award badge and the ability to use “Award-winning Author” status for a lifetime.

Winners benefit from having

A Lifetime Marketing Tool

An endorsement from the Elite Choice Awards can help authors generate positive exposure for their book. Winners have the ability to use “Award-winning Author” status for a lifetime.

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If you are interested in applying, please click here to access the application form.

You will be asked to submit the following information: (a) Your Book Title, (b) Author Name, (c) Website and/or Amazon Book Page, (d) Book (.pdf, .epub, .mobi file), (e) Categories You Would Like To Enter, (f) Payment.



 When you submit an application, you will receive a confirmation email from our organization notifying you that we have received your application.

Our esteemed panel of judges will evaluate your book based on the following criteria.

For Fiction Books: (a) Story, (b) Character Development, (c) Originality and Creativity, (d) Commercial Appeal.

For Non-Fiction Books: (a) Structure, (b) Writing Style and Tone, (c) Originality and Creativity, (d) Commercial Appeal.


Since there is a rolling award deadline, you will hear back from us within 16 weeks from when we receive your book.

All entrants receive the ability to qualify for our grand cash prize to use for your book marketing, an editorial review of their book and reviewer feedback sent after the award results are tabulated. Winners also receive a specialized book awards listing on our website and a book award announcement included in our email newsletter.